Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Annoying Truth about Friendship and Facebook

Dearest Readers,
Please excuse this really really quick rant I have to go on about friends and the way people react to facebook friendship.  It's nothing serious, just something that has been popping back up in my life.  Yes, it's directed to a few people in particular.  We'll be back to the normal type of blog next week.  Don't worry.
Best Wishes

I’ve never been one for making friends and keeping friend.  Which probably explains why I only have maybe 5 or so really close friends.  Other than that, I let people just come and go in my life.  For different reasons for everyone of course. Mostly its just me trying to find the people I WANT to hang out with.  I’ll tell you, college is a hard place to find friends believe it or not.  There are just so many different types of people out there.   So yes, my friends have come and go throughout the years, but is that a crime?  If it’s not then why is it that sometimes I feel like I get treated like it is?

I realize that sometimes I’m the one who jumps to the conclusion and deletes people from my life.  Come on, with facebook and other social networking sites it’s simple to click a bottom and temporarily delete people from life.  It’s facebook though.  It’s not law.  I always say with people, just because we’re not friends on facebook doesn’t mean I hate you.  A lot of the time I’m not friends with people on facebook if they debate too much (as it tends to get out of hand online way too fast) or if they comment and like EVERYTHING I post because it just blows up my newsfeed and annoys me.  A lot of the time it’s not because people do anything wrong.  It’s more or less because I just can’t handle them at the time.  And even at that, we’re not best friends anyway, chances are we won’t be. So why do people get so up in arms when they get deleted or ignored.  I think as a hole we put too much pressure on what facebook shows instead of what people think.  Before facebook how do you think people communicated and got to know each other?  They became friends with the people they actually saw.

So maybe we’re friends.  Maybe we’re not.  Maybe just because we’re not friends on facebook doesn’t mean we’re not friends.  Let’s get over the facebook drama that ALWAYS happens.
I don’t know where I’m going with this, I’m just having that wonderful gut wrenching feeling about these sort of things.   I don’t know.  Just a rant I guess.

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