Friday, January 27, 2012

If it's a job, it's a job...

The thing about being away for so long is that I’ve had plenty to actually write about, I just haven’t had the time or the energy to write it.  There’s been plenty on my mind, plenty of growing points, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to write them down.  With that said, I am forcing myself to write a series of small updates about how the semester has gone so far and what my life has been.  It is completely uninspired so you don’t even have to read it because to be honest, I doubt its going to be that interesting. 

For starters I guess I should start with work or something equally as uninteresting but totally relevant to my life... 

I’m still working at the dreaded veterinarian office.  In which the simple solution this this dreaded job would be to quit, it’s certainly not an easy task.  Yes I hate it at points, I really do, but there are days that it goes well.  There are days I learn things.  There are days that I enjoy what I do.  But honestly, I think the bad days far outweigh those.  I certainly don’t love it.  I hate waking up at 7am on a Saturday.  I hate constantly getting yelled at.  I hate not getting to learn knew things and try things.  Basically, it’s just not the job for me.  But I have been given such an amazing opportunity by getting to work there.  If you think about it, I’m not educated in this field whereas the other techs went to school for a couple years to learn what they were doing.  I got hired so that way I would get the experience.  And over Christmas break my boss, the veterinarian I work for, wrote a note with my Holiday Bonus (another awesome perk of the job by the way), that she was looking forward to working with me after vet school, which to me meant she was planning to give me a job.  So how can I just walk in there and quit?  How can I just drop everything they have given me when they never had to do any of that?  They never had to stick their necks out for me and yet they did.  It’s going to be even harder for me if I don’t end up going to vet school I am sure.  After two years of working there I feel like if I don’t go to school I have wasted their time and their money when they could have had someone who was actually good at working there working instead.   I feel so obligated to them that it makes life rather difficult sometimes.

Yesterday though I started with my research project.  When I say started I mean I got a tour of the lab and some research materials to read up on and research further.  I am really nervous about starting this project since I have to come up with the experiment processes and the work by myself.  It’s a new territory I have yet to be exposed to, and to be 100% truthful, I’m not sure if I’ll be any good at it.  I know all I need is a little confidence, but it’s all just so new to me that I’m unsure about any of it really.  I do know one thing for sure, I am excited to get to start the work.  I walked in yesterday and got called the “Ornithologist” and THAT was seriously one of the best feelings ever.  I felt like I was something special because no one else at this school (or anyone I have met as of yet) is that.  But as it goes, I haven’t started into my research, that will be a weekend task, but I certainly hope that it ends up going well.  I guess we can only cross our fingers and hope that I end up loving it.  I get to work with birds, measuring shell densities and thickness and such, so we can study bacterial effects.  Its something completely new to me, that’s for sure.  I’ll have to make sure to update on how it goes.  I’ll just have to make sure to update more often (I’ll shoot for tomorrow but I have loads of work to be getting done this weekend).

Next post will hopefully be about casual dating and relationships.  We’ll see.  Haha.

For now I have to go study for the exam I have later today.  And get coffee.  I definitely need some coffee right now.

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