Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making the choice- Dry

To make a long rant short, I just want to talk about how certain choices we make effect us in ways that don’t even make sense right away,

I am a rare case college student.  I don’t drink.  I don’t smoke.  I don’t do any sort of drug.  That stuff just doesn’t interest me in the least.  I have proved to myself that I can have an amazing time without having to lose control or even get buzzed. Yet it put me in a weird position in my life.

I definitely don’t socialize as well as I should with other college students.  I don’t go out drinking at parties.  I don’t even spend too much time at someone’s dorm just in case there is a chance that some kind of alcohol will appear.  I just don’t see the point in it.  So basically I only have a few friends in college so far because I don’t fit in with other students.

What is it that makes drinking such an important aspect of college life?  The social drinkers need it to be able to loosen up and talk to people?  People need it to actually withstand what clubs are like?  To be perfectly honest I don’t see what is so amazing.  It can’t be the taste.  I could just drink a Mountain Dew or a Cherry Coke and get just as much satisfaction with flavor, if not more.  What is so special about “getting buzzed.”  It can’t feel that good.  And a hangover certainly can’t be worth it.  Puking in the toilet certainly isn’t attractive to anyone.  So what part of drinking is so attractive to people? 

And why does that make me such a little misfit because I don’t want to take part in it?  Why can’t people understand that some people just don’t see the flattering life of drinking?   To most people I just don’t know how to have a good time.  I know perfectly well that I know how to have a great time with my friends, no alcohol included.   

So for now does that just mean that I am never going to fit in at college?  And if that’s the case than does it really matter if I fit in?  Do I need to conform to what everyone else thinks is a good time just to have a few friends who will only be my friends for a year or two?  In that order…yes, no and no.  I at lease know who I am right now, and I know where I stand with my life.  I don’t need to be drinking every night to have a good time.  I can just go over to my friends house and believe me, it’s a blast. 

So this is my promise.  I will not underage drink.  I will not consider underage drinking.  (My cousin’s wedding aside) I will not pick up any alcoholic beverage until I am 21 and even then I will not be going out drinking.  I will maybe have a drink at a special event, but there is no reason for anything beside that.  I control my life and with every drink people risk not having control again.  That’s their choice.  I will not make it.  I choose to be dry.


  1. I don't think it is possible to be proud of someone you don't know (other than I found your link through the blog topic on the NaNo 20-something forum), but I do feel a kindred spirit. Rock on. \m/ (P.S. I also enjoy a good sugar/candy buzz.)

  2. I didn't drink much at uni - though as a UK student I was legal to drink as much as I liked after I turned 18. I just didn't see the point either a lot of the time. I'd had wine at home with my parents but I don't like beer or being drunk so it wasn't much of a thing for me - drinking seemed pretty normal and boring.

    If you don't want to drink - don't. And remember that you can just have a little and then stop (people seem to go all or nothing on alcohol). Never let other people pressure you into "having fun" when you know you won't enjoy it. Eventually they will admire you for sticking to your guns!

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  4. I love this piece girl. I agree with you - I don't see the point of drinking - especially after Nashville! Enough said